Friday, November 5, 2021

Chronicles of Shanti, part 5 - growing up fast

 Wow, Shanti is growing up so, so fast!! These photos are from the whole month of October. He weighed 26 pounds at the beginning and close to 40 pounds at the end of the month. And he was the runt of the litter, so it will be interesting to see how big he ends up to be.

Regardless, he is a very good puppy and sometimes not so good. 

We are going on a lot of walks/hikes and he still enjoys going into water up to his chest, even at the colder temperatures we are having now.

He learned to shake his paw in half a day and now he can't stop doing it! Now we are working on the Stay and Come command but he doesn't quite get it yet.

And all of a sudden he started to fetch his ball and brings it back! yeah! Maybe he was just too young when I tried it earlier.

We went to the Vet when he was 17 weeks old for his rabies shot. He was 35 lbs then (Oct. 26.) . The Vet said he is doing great! 

The cats have learned to live with him and everything is almost back to the old routine except they have to jump up on the dryer to get to their food.

Of course he gets spoiled with new (old) toys to chew on and plenty of treats! 

Every day is a new adventure and I am so glad for Shanti's company.

If you are on Instagram you can follow him there #shanticreamgolden

Enjoy, Susanne 

Click on the photos for a larger view.

always chewing on something

at Audie Lake

Daily walks to a creek

Daily walks to a creek

helping to clean up the garden

Indigo is the most tolerant of the cats

He loves to eat melons and many other fruits

Learning to shake paw

He enjoys his walks with me

He needed a larger bed

At the Vet clinic 

A new squeaky toy - oink, oink

He can be such a good boy!

Pretending to be a cat - maybe that helps to get a treat??

Wearing orange - getting ready for hunting season

the morning crime scene

watching some duckies

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

He is trying to be like a turtle on this log

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