Thursday, December 30, 2021

Best of 2021

We arrived at the end of 2021 and it was as turbulent and fast as a whirlwind.

I pretty much stayed close to home except for a few trips to Lake Superior. This year was very different compared to 2020 - I had less photo opportunities and also didn't feel as inspired. The most exciting event of the year was when a 7 week old puppy joined my family in August. His name is Shanti and he is 6 months old by now. He kept me busy and it wasn't easy going on a photo shoot with a puppy in tow. He is a happy and smart dog and brings a lot of joy into my life. 

As I was going through my photos I was surprised that I found so many keepers after all.  Instead of trying to limit myself to just 10 or 12 best photos I picked my favorites which I am sharing here in chronological order. 

Many of these images I already shared in previous blogs but I hope you will enjoy seeing them again. 

I also made a video on YouTube:

Click on the photos for a larger view. And thanks for viewing.

Enjoy and a Happy New Year, Susanne

For a video of my favorite photos of 2021 click on this link:


Lake Superior sunrise in the shape of a heart

A colorful sky at sunset, Two Harbors, Lake Superior. It looked like a painting.

Piles of ice shards with Sand Island at the horizon (near Bayfield, Wisconsin)

Ice shards at sunset 

Ice shard at sunset

A frosty winter day at Audie Lake, Blue Hills, Wisconsin

A Barred Owl visited for 10 days straight,  in February

One of the coldest mornings (-25F)  of the winter, at Split Rock Lighthouse 

Sunny winter day at Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota

Blue Hour winter mood along the north shore of Lake Superior - my favorite photo of 2021

Sunrise at the "Tombolo", north shore of Lake Superior

A fascinating ice creature, north shore of Lake Superior

Winter sunset at Copper Falls State park, Wisconsin

The Northern Lights made an appearance at the spring equinox, in the Blue Hills

Early spring visit at Lost Creek Falls, Wisconsin

Spring fern - so delicate and looks like it is dancing

Perfect reflections of a bog, on a foggy spring day (Audie Lake)

Sunset colors at the Chippewa Flowage, Wisconsin

At a favorite creek after a spring rain

Lost Creek Falls - such an enchanting place, Wisconsin

Lost Creek Falls - such an enchanting place, Wisconsin

A visit at Tettegouche State park in June - most of Lake Superior was hidden in fog

In conversation with the galaxy - an unforgettable night at a very calm Lake Superior

Caribou Falls along the north shore of Lake Superior

Birthday kayak paddle in July - amazing sky and clouds

Kayaking on Audie Lake - serene summer morning

Summer sunset at the Chippewa Flowage

A red sunset at the Chippewa Flowage due to many wildfires

Puppy Shanti - so adorable

Dreamy Echinaceas (Coneflowers) on a late summer morning

Early fall colors at Perch Lake, Blue Hills

Shanti enjoying the view, Chippewa Flowage

Such an adorable puppy face

Shanti exploring, autumn

The Milky Way across a lake near Finland, Minnesota

Autumn morning at a lake in Minnesota

Autumn morning at a lake in Minnesota

Orange colored sky at dawn, Lake Superior

Sunrise at Lake Superior, Temperance River State park, MN

Temperance River gorge, autumn

View from Palisade Head on a moody autumn day

Fall drive through the Blue Hills

Thunderheads in October - illuminated by the setting sun

Late autumn forest

Snake Pit Falls at Amnicon Falls State park, Wisconsin

Rural Wisconsin landscape in late autumn

The ever changing moods at the north shore of Lake Superior

Snow and ice at Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota

Snow covered grass seed head - simplicity

After 15 inches of snow, near Bruce, Wisconsin