Friday, January 7, 2022

A cold January morning along the Flambeau River, Wisconsin

I had been waiting for a sunny and cold (like -20 F) winter morning so I could go to the river and take photos of the steam or smoke drifting on the water surface. That morning arrived today (January 7th) with -25F (-32 Celcius) at my place.

The Chippewa River near me was all covered with ice and snow. Therefore I had to find open water somewhere else and decided to head south of Bruce, Wisconsin on Cty rd E to the Flambeau River - and I was greeted with a spectacular view. The steam/fog was lit up golden by the light of the morning sun and the trees along the banks of the river were covered with frost. What a beautiful sight!

I continued on Cty rd E to the location where the Flambeau and Chippewa river meet (at Flater's Resort). Only a small part of the river had open water, just enough to create a magical scene with steam and shadows from trees along the river. 

I was surprised to see a flock of pigeons sitting at the edge of the water on such a cold morning.

Two years ago I took photos on a very cold and frosty morning at the Chippewa River. You can view those in this blog: 

Most people would probably prefer to stay home in these cold temperatures. If you bundle up it's the best time to go out and experience winter and capture some extraordinary moments of beauty.

Enjoy! Susanne

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