Monday, November 24, 2014

Tango and her kittens, part 7

Tango's kittens keep growing up fast!! I call them the "Kitty gang" as they run and tumble through the house.  Not much news since the last blog post, just a few new photos.
Enjoy, Susanne

brother and sister

ear wash or maybe sharing of cat secrets

Little Buddha is quite a charmer

Surya playing with my camera strap

the whole family

a very contended mama cat

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tango and her kittens, part 6

Tango's kittens have grown up fast, 6 ½ weeks old now going on 7 weeks.
They have moved in the living room and "own" the house. At times I feel like in a circus with a bunch of acrobats performing - especially in the evening when Tango joins the game. The whole family goes nuts and runs and tumbles through the house.
Then all of a sudden it is quiet - nap time until the next round.
Tango is still nursing the kittens though not as often anymore. I wish I could add sound as it is quite sweet to hear 3 little "purr engines" and one big one running at the same time.
Enjoy the fur balls - Susanne

Indigo and Little Buddha getting ready for a nap

Nap time

Little Buddha looking 


Only Little Buddha can look like this

Pooped out

Surya waking up

Indigo with her beautiful big eyes

Tango nursing

Chewing on brother's tail - what fun

Little Buddha and Surya

Cuddle time