Monday, March 29, 2021

March Full Moon day, 3.28.2021

What a gorgeous March full moon day it was - it started out in the early morning with the moon setting behind a barn north of Bruce, Wisconsin. We had received an inch of snow and it was cold and chilly with wind. I sure was glad for my snow pants, winter boots, gloves and hat. You never put them away until some time in May!!

And as I am writing this one day later it is 65 F again!

I loved to watch the change of color of the moon and sky from blue to pink as the sun was rising.

I continued on taking a short trip into the Blue Hills: Perch Lake (still had ice), Audie Lake - most of the ice had melted there, but the trees were covered with snow! What a pretty sight with the sunshine and blue sky!

And in the evening I went out again to watch the full moon rise. I didn't get a good photo right when the pink moon came up! At one point a thin cloud covered the moon which made her look like Saturn with his rings!

Enjoy this little moon viewing and the Blue Hills.

Thanks for viewing, Susanne

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Lost Creek Falls, March 22nd, 2021

It was one of those days where I knew I had to get out with my camera and spontaneously decided to head north to take photos of waterfalls. It was supposed to be partly cloudy which is ideal for that kind of photography to make long exposures.

When I arrived in Bayfield, Wisconsin the sun was shining and the temperatures were in the mid 50ties. After a short stay I continued towards Cornucopia. As soon as I drove further north-west the temperature dropped 10 degrees and it clouded up. When I arrived at Lost Creek Falls I put on an xtra layer of clothing and started on the 1.5 mile long hike. Most of the snow had already melted. 

I visited Lost Creek Falls almost exactly a year ago (March 17. 2020) and at that time there was still a lot of snow and ice. Here is the link to that blog: 

Half way to my destination mother nature changed her mind - the sun came out!! When I got to the waterfall it was half in the sun and half in the shade - very challenging to take photos due to the high contrast. But I thought I had to try and I pulled out my polarizer and neutral density filter to slow down the shutter speed. I kind of liked the results and tried different compositions and angles. I stayed long enough and eventually the waterfall was all shaded and I was able to take a few more photos.

I really like the first 2 photos, a stream of light in the darkness. It reminds me of a Rumi poem that I want to share here. 

"I said, what about my eyes?
God said, keep them on the road.
I said, what about my passion?
God said, keep it burning.
I said, what about my heart?
God said, tell me what you hold inside it.
I said, pain and sorrow.
He said, stay with it, the wound is the place 
where the light enters you."


I hope you enjoy nature's beauty how I see it through my camera.
Thanks, Susanne

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Early March 2021, Northern Wisconsin

The first half of March has been very spring like here in Northern Wisconsin. The snow is melting fast with the warm temperatures though there is still plenty in the forest and shady spots.

The following photos were taken between March 1. and 15.

The first 3 images are at Copper Falls State Park near Mellen, WI on March 1st. The river  and waterfalls were still "dormant" and hidden underneath ice and snow. Compare that to the last 6 photos taken at the same location on March 15th! 

And look at the huge ice chunks that piled up at the bank of the river!!

The 3 sunset photos were taken at the Chippewa Flowage in Sawyer County (near Hayward, WI). It had clouded up but I am glad I waited as the sun appeared again and added a beautiful golden light to the sky and the reflections in the water.

The rest of the photos were taken in the Blue Hills at various locations - with more or less snow.

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy this early spring/late winter tour  


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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Daily visits of a Barred Owl

It has been a week now since this majestic Barred Owl showed up at my bird feeders. Usually she comes in the early morning, at the crack of dawn and sits for hours on my garden fence or post - patiently observing her environment, turning her head every which way! But her attention is mostly aimed at the ground underneath the feeder where some rodents live underneath the snow, benefitting from the spilled sunflower seeds. 
I am surprised that the chickadees and other smaller birds are not intimidated by this big owl. They keep coming to the feeder in spite of her presence.

It has come to my attention that these owls come to the feeders when they are having a hard time catching mice in their usual environment. It has been especially difficult after the recent cold spell here in northern Wisconsin and some owls were starving and needed help from wildlife/raptor centers. 

At first I was concerned that this owl was in trouble but she appeared healthy looking. Finally her patience payed off and I did see her eating a mole and also was able to get a few photos. 
The following photos were taken through my kitchen window over a period of several days. The light was different each day and my personal favorite are the photos with the falling snow. 
I am so fascinated by the black eyes that almost appear to be liquid and the many facial expressions. I can't take my eyes off that beautiful owl and enjoy her visits every day!!
I made a short video that I posted on YouTube: 
The most recent photos are not included in the video but are at the end of this blog post.

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy this owl as much as I do - Susanne  

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Look at these feet and claws!

I liked the touch of frost in her face - it was a very cold day!

The sunshine feels good

sitting on top of the bird feeder

Love the mood on this snowy day - and those eyes!!

Getting ready to fly on the ground

Success - she caught a huge mole!

She looks so content, after eating the mole