Saturday, December 30, 2023

Favorites of 2023

My photographic review of 2023 with some of my favorite memories.

I didn't think it was such a good year for photography but when I started to review my photos I was pleasantly surprised that I did find quite a few favorites. Here they are in chronological order.

We had an abundance of snow thanks to a big snow storm in December of 2022. The theme and highlight of my winter were dogs. I had a german shepherd puppy staying with me for part of the winter and Shanti and Shiloh enjoyed many walks on the frozen lakes in my area. Then I got to go on a dog sledding adventure in Ely, Minnesota and enjoyed that trip immensely, and the dogs. (see this blog post:

Right around the spring equinox in March we had an amazing display of the Aurora borealis. Spring and summer were busy. I remember the apple trees were full of flowers and as a result we had an abundance of apples in the fall.

End of June I spent some time along the north shore of Lake Superior which was foggy and rainy for most of the time. Great weather for waterfall photos, maybe not so pleasant for camping.

   I witnessed many beautiful sunsets at Audie Lake in the Blue Hills and Shanti enjoyed his evening swims. The full moon end of August was shining bright and I was able to capture the setting moon surrounded by morning mist/fog rising up from a lake. A very special moment!

Autumn arrived early this year and the Maple trees started to change colors by mid September! We made a quick trip up north to see the brilliant red/orange colors around Lake Superior. Many of the other trees were still green. I wanted to explore new territory and made a day trip to Iron County (Wisconsin) and found a charming little waterfall, Upson Falls. (see this blog post:

Second fall trip up north happened early part of October. With several hikes along rivers, Lake Superior sunrises and a gorgeous sunset in Grand Marais. Back home there was still a lot of yellow color by mid October which was unusual.

I will remember November 2023 as the month with the beautiful skies. Especially one sunrise at Lake Superior near Bayfield - the colors were unreal! (

We had a period of cold temperatures and a dusting of snow, just long enough for lakes to freeze but by late December it got so warm (50 degrees on Christmas) and it rained for several days that most of the ice melted again. I was able to visit up north (near Tettegouche State park, Minnesota) by mid December and enjoyed hiking along the Baptism River and marvel at the waterfalls that were surrounded by ice. 

Enjoy my selection and a Happy, healthy New Year. Susanne

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January full moon

Shanti fishing for ice shards

a pile of ice shards, Lake Superior

A beautiful frosty winter day, near Exeland, WI

Inuit dogs, our lead dogs at the dogsledding trip

Winter scene with dog

Happy Shanti and Shiloh

Shanti running thru snow

March Aurora

March Aurora

March Aurora

Ice melt, Flambeau river

Ice melt, Audie Lake

Spring drive thru the Blue Hills

Painted sky at sunset

Apple blossoms

Orange Begonia with rain drops

June Sunset at Lake Superior, Cornucopia

Sunset at Summer solstice 

Foggy shoreline, Lake Superior

Cascade Falls in fog

Cedar trees surrounded by Thimbleberry leaves

High Falls, Minnesota

Rays of light on a foggy morning

View from Shovel Point, Lake Superior

Unusual sunrise colors, Audie Lake

Morning mist rising, Perch Lake

Siskiwit river near Cornucopia, WI

Lost Creek Falls, Cornucopia, WI

Sunset with lily pads, Audie Lake

Sunset clouds with lily pads, Audie Lake

Shanti enjoying his evening swim

Sunset at the Chippewa Flowage

Setting moon on a misty/foggy lake

Setting moon on a misty/foggy lake

Lake Superior sunrise

Lake Superior sunrise and clouds

Brilliant red Maple trees

Fall colors in the Blue Hills

Fall colors in the Blue Hills

Upson Falls, Iron County

Upson Falls, Iron County

Amazing colors at sunrise on a foggy morning

A curious deer, fall colors

Lake Superior sunrise, Cascade River state park

Sunset in Grand Marais, Lake Superior

Sunset in Grand Marais, Lake Superior

Sunset in Grand Marais, Lake Superior, Sawtooth Mountains

Lake Superior morning light

Lake Superior sunrise, orange ball

Hiking along the Cascade river, Minnesota

Hiking along the Cascade river, Minnesota

A group of mushrooms

Golden fall colors and puffy clouds, Audie Lake

Fall color reflections, Audie Lake

Fall color reflections, Audie Lake

A pair of swans, Flambeau river

Myself and Shanti along the Flambeau river

Sunlight at the Siskiwit river, Cornucopia

Brilliant sunrise colors, Lake Superior near Bayfield, WI

Brilliant sunrise colors, Lake Superior near Bayfield, WI

Walking Shanti, stormy Lake Superior, November  

stormy Lake Superior, November 

Gorgeous sunset colors, Audie Lake

Gorgeous sunset colors, Audie Lake

Big rock, Lake Superior

Sunset view from Shovel Point, Tettegouche State park

Little Sea stack, Tettegouche State park

Little Sea stack, Tettegouche State park

Blue Ice - resembling the night sky

Cascade Falls with ice, Baptism river, Tettegouche State park

Vibrant sunset colors reflecting off a frozen lake in Minnesota