Friday, July 14, 2023

An Unexpected Sunrise

I had been wanting to go kayaking for a while now but either the weather didn't cooperate or I was busy otherwise. Friday, July 14. looked promising so I loaded up the kayak the evening before and left early around 5:15am. As I was driving to my destination (Audie Lake in the Blue Hills, Wisconsin) I noticed how thick the clouds were but there was fog in low places.

My thoughts were, if there is no sunrise at least there will be fog and a calm lake with beautiful reflections. When I got to the boat landing I was surprised to find no fog and it was already breezy. For a moment I wasn't sure if I even wanted to go kayaking but now I was here so let's go for it! I almost didn't take my camera, thinking the cell phone is good enough for a cloudy morning. 

Sure glad I had my camera with me when all of a sudden the sun appeared as an orange red ball in the sky. As the sunrise progressed the colors changed and an unusual light permeated the whole landscape.  I figured the smoke from the canadian wildfires had entered our area again.

So it turned into a beautiful morning paddle after all with a very unexpected and unusual sunrise and morning light. I did not see or hear the loons as in other years.

The last 4 photos are from an evening 3 days prior. When I arrived the sun disappeared behind clouds. I liked the green and blue colors and texture of the sky/clouds. As always, things rarely work out as planned but it is beautiful to be in nature and get surprised.

Enjoy, Susanne

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