Thursday, May 5, 2022

Morgan Falls and Houghton Falls, May 2022

Right now is a good time to go for a walk in the spring forest and visit a waterfall.

On May 2nd I did exactly that and enjoyed Morgan Falls, one of my favorite waterfalls in northern Wisconsin.  There was a good flow of water and still some snow and ice in shady spots. Last year I was there in April and wrote this blog:

Next stop was Houghton Falls Nature preserve just outside of Washburn, Wisconsin. Another favorite location especially in spring to see the waterfalls. Later in summer there is often times no water at all.

Information I found on the Web:
A stream meanders through hemlock, cedar, spruce, tamarack, birch, and maple, cascading over the exposed sandstone before descending over 60 feet into a rippled sandy cove at Lake Superior. Upstream (and also on the property) is Echo Dells, a series of watercarved rock cliffs and caves interspersed with small waterfalls and a forested footpath.

We still saw pieces of ice floating on Lake Superior making the most beautiful sounds moving across the water surface. I can't find words to describe the sound, maybe something like a wind chime in the distance. 
It looks like it is warming up fast in northern Wisconsin and our spring could be short. Enjoy this special time while you can.

Click on the photos for a larger view.

A video on YouTube I made about Morgan Falls:

Morgan Falls

Morgan Falls, close-up

Ice piled up at Lake Superior's shore, in Ashland

Echo Dells

Echo Dells

Echo Dells

Some snow left in shady spots

Ice floating on Lake Superior

Small ferns growing on rocks

Ice floating on Lake Superior