Monday, November 1, 2021

The last of the Fall colors

 I was longing to see some more fall colors and went on a road trip, heading south. I wasn't sure how far I would go and simply "followed my nose". It was overcast when I was leaving but I could see some breaks in the clouds to the west. 

I ended up in the beautiful hilly area west of New Auburn (Dunn County) and was exploring the backroads north and south of Hwy 64. This is only about 50-60 miles south west from my home but I was delighted to find so much color. It was the perfect day as the sun would come out and paint the picturesque landscape, like shining a spot light on certain areas. The golden, warm colors and the clouds painted a beautiful picture. 

Enjoy my little road trip and thanks for viewing.


Click on the photos for a larger view.


  1. Didn't know you had a blog. I live in the Blue Hills area also. Will enjoy watching your content and see if I can hone my own photographic skills.

    1. Thank you. Yes, had the blog for several years now. Susanne

  2. Breathtaking, Susanne. I miss you!!!