Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Winter hike above the Ice Caves, Cornucopia, Wisconsin

This winter has been different for me in regards to taking photos. Though I am out walking with Shanti every day (and really enjoy it) - the photo opportunities were much less.

I have been wanting to make a trip to the Bayfield, Wisconsin area all winter long but the right day never showed up until past Monday, Febr. 7.2022. The weather forecast was perfect - partly sunny/cloudy, no wind and temps in the teens - ideal conditions for a hike. My plan was to hike the Lake Shore trail that goes on top of the Mainland Ice Caves near Cornucopia. It took me almost 3 hours to get to my destination, Meyer's Beach, right off Hwy 13. Just as I was getting ready for the hike clouds started to move in and it remained cloudy for the rest of the day. What a bummer!!! 

I still enjoyed my hike and so did Shanti! He had a blast, especially when we met a family with 4 little kids. He gets sooo excited and wants to greet everyone he meets!

The first section of the trail travels 1.8 miles through mixed hardwood forest with several ups and downs due to steep ravines. I noticed 2 new bridges that made the hike much easier. The first glimpses of sea/ice caves come into view when you reach "The Crevasse". Past that several ice cave overlooks and stands of Red Pines can be found. There were plenty of icicles hanging from the red sandstone but not as many as in other years. Though Lake Superior was frozen it is not safe to walk on that ice!!

I walked to the feature that is called The Bowl, a big curve of cliffs, almost like a natural amphitheater. From there I returned back to the parking lot - a round-trip hike of almost 5 miles. 

Here is a link of a more detailed description of the trail.

Even without sunshine I was able to take nice photos. Enjoy our hike in a beautiful area of northern Wisconsin.


Click on the photo for a larger view.

I wrote a blog about the Sea Caves in July 2020. Here is the link:

The last 2 photos show "The Crevasse" from the lake - interesting to see the same location from different perspectives.


Trail to the Ice Caves

Crossing a small creek

Shanti waiting for me

The "Crevasse"

Red Pines leaning over the edge

Red Pine balancing act

Ice Cave, a closer view

A group of birch trees

A single birch tree at the edge

"The Bowl" - like an amphitheater

"The Bowl" - like an amphitheater


Red Pine on the edge

Red Pine framing the image