Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Stargazing, Summer 2020

 The summer of 2020 has been wonderful for stargazing. First the Comet Neowise in July was quite spectacular. (see my previous blog, 

With clear nights and a new moon I spent the last 3 nights marveling at the celestial wonders of the night sky. It is such a special time to be out during a summer night - to listen to the sounds (crickets, loons, coyotes, frogs, water splashing etc.). I also noticed many smells and fragrances seem to be more intense compared to the day time.  

Looking up at the sky I feel rather small in this vast universe and I wonder who and what else is out there??  For a moment my earthly existence with all its ups and downs seems to disappear.

I tried to find some new locations in my area (Rusk County, Wisconsin) to capture the Milky Way with some interesting foregrounds or rivers/lakes. I had to find open areas facing towards the south east. Most of the following night photos were taken between 9:45 -11pm.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing.


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The Milky Way at the Chippewa River

St. Francis of Assisi church - with the different light sources it was a challenging situation. I noticed a small red Exit sign inside the church and due to the 25 second long exposure it illuminated the windows and door. A bit of a spooky look.

Blue hour at the Flambeau River, while waiting for darkness

Blue hour at the Flambeau River (Little Falls), while waiting for darkness

The Milky Way bright and clear at the Flambeau River. Jupiter is so bright that it reflects in the water.

Thornapple Dam and night sky, Flambeau River

The Milky Way and Jupiter, Chippewa River

The last daylight (blue Hour) at the Chippewa Flowage

The Milky Way arching across the Chippewa Flowage

The Milky Way arching across the Chippewa Flowage

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