Saturday, August 8, 2020

Red Granite Falls area

Nature has always been the best medicine for me. When I am troubled or need to sort things out, the best thing to do for me is to go for a walk in the woods, preferably along a river/waterfall. So that's what I did - without much thought I grabbed my camera gear and headed north. I ended up at Copper Falls State park near Mellen, Wisconsin - probably my favorite park in the northern part of the State. 
This time I explored the Red Granite Falls - a lesser visited area of the park. There is a beautiful trail through the woods along the Bad River. It was partly cloudy which is perfect for waterfall photography. On the longer exposures I used a polarizer and 4 stop ND filter. 
I so enjoyed my visit that I totally lost track of time. It was getting late and I had a 1 ¾ hrs drive home, otherwise I would have stayed longer.

The dark brown/golden color of the water is due to "Tannins".
What causes that "root beer" color in some lakes?
Sometimes described as root beer, coffee, tea, or bog stain, such coloring is natural for many waters in northern Wisconsin. The coloration is not harmful and results from incompletely dissolved organic materials, sometimes referred to as tannins, which come from the decomposition of wetland plants in the watershed of the lake. Often, the greater the amount of wetlands in the watersheds, the darker the color of the water. Since the predominant land type in the watersheds of northern Wisconsin lakes is often a mixture of forests and wetlands, this can result in many lakes having this dark coloration.

As always, thanks for viewing! Enjoy! Susanne 

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