Thursday, September 16, 2021

Chronicles of Shanti, part 2 - living the best puppy life


Shanti is almost 12 weeks old now and weighs around 20 pounds (he was 8-9 pounds when I got him). Every morning when I look at him it seems he grew some more over night!!
The day starts out with emptying the basket full of toys and spreading them all over the house! I love listening to the squeaky sounds and soft grunts.
Then we spend several hours in a large vegetable garden - Shanti has become an expert in digging carrots, potatoes and chewing on lettuce leaves, corn stalks etc.
He loves picking flowers and small branches/leaves - he carries them around and settles down somewhere to chew on his "treasure".
He can get so dirty from all his daily adventures that I often think I have to give him a bath in the evening. Amazingly he always looks clean after a few hours!

He keeps meeting people to everyone's delight! He has to greet everyone he sees - we went to the Farmer's Market in Ladysmith, Wisconsin and I think he wagged his tail at half the people walking around there (it was a busy Saturday). 
He spent an evening with friends at a bonfire, we went to an art gallery in Spooner, got more puppy food at the Pet Store in Rice Lake. 
At the park in Bruce he said Hello to all the kids who were there for a trek training session. The son of one of the coaches couldn't get enough of him.
And he finally got to meet the UPS delivery guy who gave him a treat. When I came home two days ago I had a package delivered and on top was laying a treat for Shanti - how sweet is that! 

Oh and the 3 cats - they are so intriguing and confusing to him! He wants to play but ends up barking as they don't respond to his attempts. He likes to follow them and chase them into the woods, until one turns around and hisses or bats him in the face. 

So life is good for the young puppy! He is house trained and learned that within 2 weeks. Now if we can get the nipping and chewing under control this doggy mom will be very happy!

I am obviously a bit obsessed with taking photos - as fast as Shanti is growing up I don't want to miss a moment. Almost all photos were taken with my cell phone as I carry it with me more often than my camera.

Enjoy the puppy love - Susanne

Click on the photo for a larger view


good morning Shanti!

a trail of toys

play time

oh my, more toys!!

digging carrots

getting lots of love

this is hard work

what a great helper

digging potatoes

shopping at the Pet store

At the Bruce park - the coaches son loved Shanti

meeting some doggy friends

this dog is a bit big and intimidating!

The UPS driver left a treat for Shanti

The UPS driver left a treat for Shanti

chewing on a little branch

Shanti picked up a treasure

the flower boy

Shanti and Indigo

going for a walk like an old couple

should I follow this black cat??

Buddha is the least tolerant of the puppy

watching the cats

Sunset at Audie Lake

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