Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tango and her kittens, part 4

The kittens are a little over 3 weeks old now - and what a huge change just in the last 2 days. They are much more awake and do what all cats do - grooming and washing themselves, sniffing and exploring their surroundings etc. Their moves aren't always well coordinated - one of the boys tried to scratch his ear with his hind leg and couldn't do it yet. And once in a while they try to hiss which is really funny! They start to wrestle with each other and are giving Mama a hard time when she tries to clean them. So sometimes the family looks like a "cuddly mess"!!
And they got names: the first photo is "Buddha-Belly" - he is the big guy with a round belly and most laid back. He is a bit of a cry baby, too being the most vocal.
The second photo is the youngest and his name is "Surya" which means the Sun (a sanskrit word). He is like a little bit of sunshine.
And the third photo is the big sister and the most independent and adventurous of the whole bunch. So her name is "Indigo".
Enjoy the cuteness!! Susanne