Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A visit at Edge Farm, Ladysmith, WI

I met Dale Daggett at the farmer's market in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. He asked me if I would like to come out to his farm and take photos. I am always up to explore some new photo opportunities. As I pulled up to the Edge Farm, 6 miles outside of Ladysmith I first thought there wasn't much to see. In fact it looked like a retired farm. That is until you meet the "stars" of the whole operation - a herd of Normande cows!! What beautiful animals! They remind me of the cows I was used to growing up in southern Germany and Switzerland. Dale was greeted exuberantly by one of the cows! They were all very friendly and curious and let me take many photos from all angles. I don't know much about farming and Dale gave me all kinds of information - too much to remember and share here. I was mostly impressed about the fact that the cows are kept outside year round only eating grass and hay in the winter. No need for growing corn and expensive farm equipment. He hasn't seen a vet in years. The cows get milked in the morning and evening in a small milk parlor by Dale's son (whom I unfortunately didn't meet - maybe another time). Oh, and did I forget to mention - the farm is certified organic!! As a vegetarian I wasn't too happy to hear that the cows get slaughtered at age 7. But after all it's a farm and the owners need to make a living. 
Dale also has several bee colonies at his house but they were not active when I visited - no pictures of that.
Here are a few photos I took from my short visit at this lovely place! Dale is very eager to share his knowledge and welcomes visitors to his little paradise. 
Enjoy, Susanne


  1. Excellent segment and beautiful pictures. I've known the Daggett family for a long time with four of them being my classmates -- wonderful people. One word of caution: there is a difference between being a vegetarian and an animal rights activist, be careful not to cross that line.

    1. Thank you Mr. Anonymous for your comment and word of caution. Maybe you missed this sentence: "But after all it's a farm and the owners need to make a living". If I would eat meat I would definitely buy it from a place like the Edge Farm as the animals are raised in a humane way.

    2. I read it but felt a notation was still necessary -- no offense intended. Yes, they practice good animal husbandry and they set a standard that I wish other dairy/beef operations would adopt; unfortunately, farms like the Daggett's are the exception rather than the rule. Nonetheless, very fine photography and thank you.

  2. Margareta LindbergOctober 8, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    Beautiful photos. That special cow seems to be very nice. I have always liked cows and of course calves, so charming. l