Sunday, July 31, 2022

Summer Flowers

It was the flowers that got me started with nature photography back in 2006/2007.

I had a greenhouse business and enjoyed capturing the beauty of the many flowers that surrounded me. After I lost the business in 2009 I focused more on landscape photography . This summer I re-discovered my love for the flowers and started to take more photos again. To my delight I found a field with Queen Ann's Lace close by that allowed me to experiment  with different angles and moods. Earlier in the summer I enjoyed the Daisies in my own back yard and Lupines in the Bayfield area (Lake Superior). I am drawn to the more abstract, soft and dreamy look . 

I hope you will enjoy my selection here as much as I enjoyed the process of taking the photos. I am always amazed what I see and discover looking through my lens.


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Daisy petals

Two Daisies

A field of Daisies

Daisy with blurred background

White Cosmos in morning light 1

White Cosmos in morning light 2

Blue & yellow Iris with rain drops

Dandelion seedhead

Blue/pink Lupin, macro

Orange/yellow Lupin, macro

Blue/white Lupin, macro

pink Lupin, macro

Pink Lupins

Pink/purple Milkweed

Rudbeckia and Bergamot 1

Rudbeckia and Bergamot 2

Rudbeckia with Hover Fly/bee

Dreamy Rudbeckia

Campanula in morning light 1

Campanula in morning light, macro 1

Campanula in morning light 1

Campanula in morning light, macro 2

Pink/purple Echinacea 1

Pink Cosmos in morning light

Queen Ann's Lace, bud 1

Queen Ann's Lace, dreamy

Queen Ann's Lace 1

Queen Ann's Lace 2

Queen Ann's Lace, seeded

Queen Ann's Lace, from above

Queen Ann's Lace, bud 2

Daylily with morning dew

Pink/purple Echinacea 2

Rudbeckia petals in morning light

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