Friday, December 27, 2019

Best of 2019

My Best Photos of 2019

This is my 7th year that I am doing this blog and picking my favorite photos of the year. I had less opportunities this year to travel and take photos in general. Most of the images are from my area (Blue Hills, northern Wisconsin) and Lake Superior.
Here they are in chronological order. Click on the photos for a larger view.
Enjoy and a Happy New Year.

A very colorful and intense January sunset at Audie Lake, in the Blue Hills, WI.

End of February I was able to spend 2 days along the north shore of Lake Superior. I marvel every year at the winter scenes and the ice on the lake. Sunset at Split Rock Lighthouse State park (Minnesota). I liked how the ice was lit up by the warmth of the sunlight.

At Hollow Rock, near Grand Portage (Minnesota). Lake Superior was frozen and I was able to explore this interesting rock from all sides. I like the mood, colors and softness of this sunset.

At Tettegouche State Park (Minnesota). I included the pattern of the ice and blue winter sky in this landscape image of the "Sea Stack". This favorite and beloved feature unfortunately is no more - it collapsed in a storm in Dec. of 2019.

Early spring at Audie Lake in the Blue Hills (mid April). We had a long winter and it took some time for the ice to melt.
As I was watching the rising sun lighting up the trees two canada geese flew by.

Sunrise at Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota. A beautiful morning in early May. 

Incredible sunset colors and reflections at Audie Lake, Blue Hills, Wisconsin. There are several floating bogs on this lake that have moved around and changed the landscape. (End of June)

Blue Hour at Lake Superior. This short window after the sunset is my favorite time to take photos.
A long exposure created this "otherworldly" scene. One of the Apostle Islands is visible at the horizon. (Mid July)

Sometimes I get lucky. I happen to have my camera with me when I drove by this sunflower field near Spooner, Wisconsin. The flowers were perfect and all smiling (!!) and the amazing clouds added some drama. (Mid August) 

Another favorite location of mine is Little Falls at the Flambeau River.  I went with friends to show them the place and I almost left my camera at home. The perfect summer day! This place is so energizing and this image captures that feeling very well. (August) 

All spring and summer I tried to get a photo of the Milky Way but either it was cloudy or I had to go to work. Finally by the end of August I managed to get this image of the Milky Way over the Chippewa River and it lined up perfect.

The fall colors started very late, maybe due to the wet summer and no frost until mid October. I found this magical scene on a foggy evening at a creek in the Blue Hills, Wisconsin. (Late September)

"Sweet colors of dawn" - at Audie Lake, Blue Hills, WI. We had a lot of windy days so I came early one morning hoping to find a calm lake to capture reflections of the fall colors. That was not the case so I used a ND filter to get this 8 second exposure and was able to capture some reflections. This is my personal favorite of the year. (Early October)

"A scene out of a fairy tale". The first snowfall came early (October 13). It is always magical especially as there were so many leaves on the trees yet. I liked the way the snowy trees frame this image. This magic didn't last very long as the snow fell off the trees quickly.  

Another place I like to visit in the fall is the Ice Age Center near New Auburn, Wisconsin. There are several small lakes that are perfect for capturing reflections of the colorful trees. I had noticed this bent tree at another visit but was never able to get a good photo. On this day the light was just perfect and the water was calm. (October)

Foggy mornings/days are a photographers dream!! As I was taking the photo of these oak trees a single leaf quietly fell down. (Late October)

At Cascade River State Park, along the north shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota.  This is a very popular composition of The Cascades. There is only one spot where you can get this view. I was glad to see some ice and still enough water to get this image I have been wanting to take for a long time. This was my most viewed image on facebook with many comments. (November)

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