Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A road thru the Blue Hills - different interpretations

An ordinary gravel road thru the Blue Hills in Rusk County, WI can look very different and evoke various moods and feelings. Different interpretations for the same scene, sometimes also referred to as "working your subject" - going to the same place at different times of the day or maybe seasons. Moving around and shooting the same subject from various angles, horizontal and vertical, changing lenses etc.  
In post processing you can even go further in creating more diversity.
Here are just a few samples. The Nik filters are a great tool, especially the Color Efex Pro. I added the glamour filter to the sepia toned image which made it almost look like an infrared photo.
The last photo is a HDR (high dynamic range) image.  Again I used Nik's HDR software.
There are endless possibilities and choices to interpret a scene or subject. 

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