Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Abstract Paintings" with my camera - Multiple Exposure

Part 2 of "abstract paintings" (see previous blog for part 1)
Multiple Exposures is another fun thing to do and does not require low light conditions or any filters to slow down the shutter speed as mentioned in the previous blog. With this technique you achieve more definition in the subjects. 
Multiple Exposures are several images layered on top of each other and merged together in one final image. Check your camera if it has multiple exposure capability. Otherwise this effect can also be achieved in softwares like Photoshop.
With my Nikon D300 I can shoot up to 10 images. It is a good idea  to keep the depth of field at f22 or f16 to maintain some sharpness. The best results are achieved by moving the camera in small increments.
The first example is a swirl of flowers. With each exposure I stayed focused on the center flower while moving the camera slightly in a circle plus zooming out.
In the second image (dancing lotus) I moved the camera to the right and left, up and down.
The last two examples are trees and with that kind of subject it looks best to pan your camera in the orientation of the subject (up and down).
This technique takes a little practice and experimentation. I do like the impressionistic look and feel of these images. Give it a try!
For more examples go to my website: (gallery: camera paintings)

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