Saturday, December 24, 2022

December Snow Storm, 2022

I am writing this blog on December 24th, 2022 after I have been out of power for almost 9 days!! Therefore the delay as I couldn't download my photos.
Our area here in northern Wisconsin (Rusk, Sawyer, Washburn Counties) was hit with a major snowstorm and everyone lost power - some just for 1-2 days, others for 8-9 days or longer. In the 35 years I have lived here this is definitely the worst storm I ever experienced. 
It started out with freezing rain (on December 13.-15.) turning into heavy, wet snow, something like 20-24 inches. This caused the trees to bend, many broke and the power lines snapped. 
It took a long time and many hands to restore power and I am forever grateful for the crews that came from all over , working day and night in cold weather.
After the second day of snowfall I could barely make out my driveway as so many trees were bent over. At first I had cell phone service but that disappeared quickly and all I could do was send a text once in a while. Needless to say I felt trapped.
I had a friend checking on me and he trimmed enough trees so that I finally got plowed out. My neighbors were also very supportive and encouraging during those long days without power. Luckily I have a wood stove which was my life saver!! I was well equipped with bottled water, food, candles, flash lights etc. Basically I was camping out in my house. I filled buckets with snow to flush the toilet. I found out it takes a lot of snow to do that!!!
The first time I was able to get out and drove to town - I was in shock. I hadn't realized how much damage this storm caused and we won't really know until spring. 
People said to me, I am sure you are taking lots of photos? Actually I didn't as I was too busy with coping and managing the situation. Also the devastation I saw was heart breaking. But as you can see on the following photos I did find time to take a few images.
The first 10 photos were taken after the first day of snow and a friend of mine and I ventured out into the Blue Hills (Audie Lake) and promptly got stuck there.
It took a lot of digging in the snow and many prayers to get us out of there. 
The rest of the photos were taken after the second snow fall which closed up my driveway completely. 
My dogs, Shanti and Shiloh, of course have a blast running around in the snow!
The sun came out one or two days which was a welcome sight, especially the blue sky with the snow covered trees.
The last 3 photos were taken in Ladysmith after sunset, looking down from the bridge on a frozen Flambeau river. It was brutally cold and I could barely operate my camera.

With that I am wishing you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  1. The trees are the most amazing sight….especially the “ three trees”.

  2. Beautiful pics as always Susanne! We have a huge number of large branches down on our property. One fell and hit and broke our dining room window.🙁