Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Celebrating Spring


Today (May 12.) the first hummingbird showed up at my place. I had put out the feeder in the morning anticipating the arrival of a hummer - and there he was!!
After a long winter in northern Wisconsin - there are many first's. It's like experiencing a new birth, all over again. And it is these small moments that bring me the most joy in life.
The first Robin, the first swallows, then the Orioles and finally the hummingbirds.
In the woodlands the spring flowers or ephemerals are showing up: Bloodroots, Spring Beauty, Hepaticas, Trout Lilies and finally the Trilliums that can turn a forest floor into a carpet of white.
The first dandelion etc. and I could go on... with the first tick, the first mosquito and all the other bugs. Nothing is ever perfect.

Enjoy this small selection of photos that I have taken in the past 2 weeks (some are from previous years). I missed the Bloodroots this spring as it we had a long stretch of cold weather in April and the first part of May.
Thanks for viewing and click on the photos for a larger view.


I posted a video on YouTube about the Spring in the North Country:



Perfect reflections

New Maple leaves

Hepaticas in blue

Branch with new leaves, Maple tree

Sunlit leaves

Yellow Trout Lily

Spring Beauty, borrowing a Bloodroot leaf

Spring Beauty, up close

Trillium, close-up

New leaves

Trillium with a curl

Fern unfurling

Bridge in Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls, WI

Five Redwing birds in a tree

Hummingbird on a swing

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