Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SEEING BEAUTY - "The Woman I Love", part 8

Happy Valentines' Day! 

From my book "Seeing Beauty - Photography as visual poetry", available on www.blurb.com or by contacting me directly.


Because the woman I love lives 
inside of you, 
I lean as close to your body with my words 
as I can - 
and I think of you all the time, dear pilgrim. 
Because the One I love goes with you 
wherever you go, 
Hafiz will always be near. 
If you sat before me, wayfarer, 
with your aura bright from your many 
my lips could resist rushing to you and needing 
to befriend your blushed cheek, 
but my eyes can no longer hide 
the wondrous fact of who 
you really are. 
The beautiful One whom I adore 
has pitched His royal tent inside of you, 
so I will always lean my heart 
as close to your soul 
as I can. 


'The Subject Tonight Is Love' by Daniel Ladinsky

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