Sunday, March 11, 2012

SEEING BEAUTY - Photography as visual poetry, part 10

In many of his poems Hafiz invites us to dance, to celebrate, to love. 
For me it is a joy and happiness and peace from deep inside, often times for no apparent reason. 
Today is such a day - the sun coming through the window casting rainbows on my walls, birds are singing, a purring cat on my lap.... gratitude is filling my heart.

From my book "Seeing Beauty - photography as visual poetry", available at  or by contacting me direct.

Has known God, 
Not the God of names, 
Not the God of don'ts, 
Not the God who ever does 
Anything weird, 
But the God who only knows four words 
And keeps repeating them, saying: 
"Come dance with Me." 


'The Gift' Poems by Hafiz - translations by Daniel Ladinsky

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