Thursday, December 27, 2018

Best of 2018


Another year has passed. I had intended to do a few more posts throughout the year but it didn't happen.  Following is the collection for 2018 and there are quite a few again. It was too difficult to choose and limit myself to 12 
- so here they are in chronological order. Click on the photos for a larger view.
Enjoy and a happy New Year.

Dramatic sunset clouds over Christie Mountain, a ski resort near Bruce, Wisconsin - where I happen to work in the wintertime. I was driving home and almost didn't stop to take the photo. Sure glad I did. (January) 

Dawn at the Tombolo along the north shore of Lake Superior.  There is a sliver of the moon to the right of the little island.  It was a very cold February morning. But so worth it!

Ice shards piling up along the north shore of Lake Superior. It is a spectacular sight and sound as they move and get pushed around. I caught the very last sunlight reflecting off the ice. (February)

What an incredible morning driving to Eau Claire. I was able to pull over near Tilden, WI to capture the setting March full moon over this rural Wisconsin landscape. 

The Milky Way arching across the Chippewa River, Wisconsin in late March. I had to get up very early to get this shot.

It was a gorgeous April spring day and I had to see Lake Superior. The campgrounds weren't open yet so I was able to explore the camp sites at Split Rock Lighthouse state park (Minnesota). I finally found the spot with this view that I had seen before on photos but never knew where it was. 

Buddha boy (one of my kitties) basking in the warm evening light.  I was practicing for my Pet Photography business. (May)

You know spring has arrived in northern Wisconsin when you walk through the woodlands covered with Trilliums.  This one was very large and a beauty! (May)

A calm spring evening at the Chippewa Flowage near Hayward, WI. The perfect cloud reflections. So peaceful and serene. (May)

Water, waterfalls and trees are my favorite subjects to photograph.  This family of cedar trees stands at the edge of the Upper Falls at Gooseberry Falls State park (Minnesota). The rain made the tree trunks and roots look dark and shiny. (June)

On my birthday (July) I was greeted with a beautiful sunrise on top of the Blue Hills (near Exeland, WI)

I have been wanting to capture the Milky Way with Mars (on left) all summer and finally in August I was able to. It was a foggy evening/night at the Chippewa River (Wisconsin) and added this dreamy mood to the scene. I will never forget this summer night with it's sounds and then this view! 

After a short night I went back to the same location at the Chippewa River (WI) . The fog didn't burn off for a few hours and of all the photos I took that morning this arching Maple Tree is my favorite. (August)
Sunset reds at Split Rock Lighthouse State park (Minnesota). It wasn't a very spectacular sunset until the very end when all of a sudden the sky turned red for a few fleeting moments. Trying to find an interesting composition quickly I saw the tree tops reflecting in this water puddle. (September)

Autumn - my favorite time of the year! We had gorgeous colors but almost no sunshine.  Heavy rains took down the leaves far too soon. This view is from the popular Oberg Mountain hike near Lutsen, MN.  I have taken many photos of Oberg Lake like other photographers but this wetland close to the lake had more to offer on that day. 

The most magical fall hike I have ever done happened on this foggy October morning at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center near Finland, MN. I had intended to write a separate blog on this but here are 2 photos of the trail.

Steps leading down into a valley under a canopy of maple trees.  At Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center near Finland, MN.

An abandoned farmstead in the Blue Hills, northern Wisconsin - surrounded by beautiful and colorful Maple trees (October)

I had to add one more late fall photo with sunshine!! Hiking on the trail above the Apostle Islands Sea Caves along the south shore of Lake Superior (Wisconsin)

Hoarfrost with a touch of sunlight at the top of the hill, Blue Hills, northern Wisconsin. We had several days with beautiful frost turning everything into a winter wonderland. (December)

Sun Dogs - never seen them quite like this. After the fog lifted this scene appeared. In the Blue Hills, northern Wisconsin. A fitting image to end the year! (December)

Monday, December 25, 2017

Best of 2017


There is quite a collection this year. It was too difficult to choose and limit myself to 12 
- so here they are in chronological order.
Enjoy and a happy New Year.

Winter sunset at the Chippewa Flowage, northern Wisconsin.
The large root added an interesting element to the composition.
End of February much of the snow melted in northern Wisconsin. Little Falls at the Flambeau River is a favorite place to visit.
Early March at the north shore of Lake Superior. Warm sunset colors at Black Beach near Silver Bay, Minnesota
April sunrise in the Blue Hills, northern Wisconsin. 
Blue Hour (Dawn) at Split Rock lighthouse, north shore of Lake Superior. Some of the warm colors are reflected off the rocks.
Lady Aurora was dancing on May 27th and I was lucky to be home, Blue Hills, Wisconsin
We had a lot of rain in June and enjoyed a good flow of water at Echo Dells near Washburn, Wisconsin.
A magical place to visit!!
4th of July at Split Rock Lighthouse. It was lit and to our surprise we were the only people at the beach to watch the light beams go across Lake Superior.
Audie Lake in the Blue Hills is probably the place I go to the most to take photos.  The morning fog on this late July morning added a mysterious mood. Now I have a 4 season collection (plus some) of this little spruce island.
Lost Creek Falls near Cornucopia, WI was a little known waterfall but since the new trail was built a lot of people are taking advantage of it. I had to wait for people to leave to get this image (on Labor Day, September). 
We had never camped at Split Rock Lighthouse campground and were able to spend a night in mid September.  Sunrise beams behind Ellingsen Island, Lake Superior with the lighthouse on the left.
We had some amazing sunrises in September and this is one of them.  Maybe it was due to wildfires out west.

Bond Falls in the UP Michigan is a popular destination especially in the fall. We finally made it there !  A close up of the upper cascades with some of the fall colors reflecting in the water.

Bond Falls, upper falls or cascades - simply stunning!!

After Bond Falls we visited the Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park, Michigan.  It started to rain and almost everyone left so we had the place to ourselves. The rainy, misty weather was perfect for waterfall photos. I was fascinated with the swirling water.

A long exposure of the water swirl or spiral.  It was fun to experiment.

Old Growth forest at Porcupine Mountain State Park. It was getting dark and I didn't want to leave.  It seemed the trees had many secrets to tell.

Early October at Audie Lake, Blue Hills. The fog was lifting and the colorful trees appeared.

Perfect fall color reflections at Audie Lake, Blue Hills. It can't get much better than this!

Lost Creek Falls (near Cornucopia, WI) in mid October. The scattered leaves on the rock added a special touch to this composition.

Winter came early in November and many lakes froze solid. Another foggy morning at Audie Lake, Blue Hills.

End of November warmer temps arrived and the surface of the ice melted and created some interesting patterns and reflections. At Audie Lake, Blue Hills
Winter is here to stay (December). A moody scene at the Couderay River, Wisconsin

Sunrise splish splash, Lake Superior north shore. At Split Rock lighthouse, Minnesota

A group of Cedar trees flooded with the last light of the day. At Cascade River state park, Minnesota

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Best of 2016

2016 was quite the year. As I looked back at the best photos I decided to choose 14 as they are all a bit different and tell a story that I like to remember. So here they are in chronological order. 
Enjoy, and a Happy New Year.
Early January at the north shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais. There was not much ice to be found but the soft hue of these morning clouds made up for it.
Sunrise on a very cold February morning not too far from home. North of Bruce, Wisconsin on Cty Rd. H
The ice started to break up in mid March. This scene greeted me at Audie Lake on a foggy, calm morning; Blue Hills, Wisconsin. I think this is my number one favorite of 2016. 
Spring is a busy time for me with greenhouse work but I was able to get out to photograph a few times. I watched this goose family for a while at Audie Lake and counted 19 goslings!! The parents did a great job keeping them in line.
Foggy mornings are a photographers dream but they don't happen too often in my area. This was unusual for being it in June and I was able to capture the sun rays right down my drive way.
Summer night at the Chippewa Flowage in northern Wisconsin. The first stars and half moon appeared with the last of the sunset colors. I was hoping to hear some loons but instead people were out there in boats and listening to loud music - go figure!! Eventually they disappeared and I was able to enjoy the sounds of nature.
Bill and I travelled to New Mexico end of August and stopped at the Badlands of South Dakota. Out of the many Buffalo photos I took this turned out to be my favorite with the warm glow of the setting sun.
On our way back home in early September we stopped again at the Badlands. I was determined to get a Milky Way image on this trip. This was the last chance. Clouds started to move in and the moon was rising. This is certainly not a master piece but it was a beautiful night under the stars.
Fall is my favorite season but this year we had a late and very short fall. I managed to get out only once to capture some spider webs with morning dew and golden light.
Early October we spent 2-3 days at Lake Superior. This long exposure of the rocks and water was my favorite from that trip. 
My favorite creek in the Blue Hills. I have many, many photos from that location but this one is very different. I liked the way how the leaves arranged themselves and are pointing down the stream.
We had many cloudy and dreary days in late fall. This image of a railroad trestle across the Chippewa River captured that mood very well.
Mid November morning at Audie Lake. I watched how the light of the rising sun moved across the water and started to light up the trees. Shortly after clouds moved in and turned off the magical light. 
Our first good snow fall came end of November but the snow melted quickly. Hemlock trees at my favorite creek in the Blue Hills.